How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business

When it comes to the online promotion of your brand most marketing managers can be forgiven for having a sceptical mindset, especially with the saturated market of so called ‘SEO Experts’ promising the world but struggling to deliver anything anywhere near! So, with this in mind, we decided to reach out to some local companies and in a bid to see if we could find what approach has worked for them.

The aim of this little experiment is to find out how digital marketing can help your business as well as give people an insight into how a small advertising budget can be used to generate an increase in leads and new business using a respectable company.

After reaching out to a variety of different companies we finally found a director that was willing to give us a good insight into how he has grown his small Airport Taxi service into a regional powerhouse.

The company in question is none other than Manchester’s very own, J21 Airport Taxis Manchester.

Taxi to Manchester Airport with J21 Airport Taxis

Who are J21 Airport Taxis?

J21 Airport Taxis are a Manchester based company offering a range of transportation services to clients all over the UK. Whether you are looking for a Taxi to Manchester Airport or simply require a driver to chauffeur you about a new town, J21 can help and have worked with a range of corporate clients, celebrities and more.

After discussing the online approach undertaken by J21 it is apparent that their marketing strategy is a simple yet affective one which has allowed the company to rise up the rankings and cement themselves on the first page of Google for all desired keywords.

So lets dig a little deeper and gain a better insight into how this strategy has helped John Byrne – Owner of J21 Airport Taxis.

What made you take the jump into digital marketing?

After having our website built we had no idea on how we were going to start pushing the brand.
Looking for digital services was actually really difficult as we had no idea on what to expect, especially with the average SEO campaign coming in at £1000.00 a month. Luckily we found an article designed to help beginners, The beginners guide to SEO.

The first thing that we decided to do whilst trying to understand the basics of SEO was to build our social profiles as these are easy to do and completely free. You can also pay a small budget to boost your posts out so that people can find out about your company. This really helped when we started as funds were quite low.

How long did it take you to start to understand the basics of SEO?

The honest answer is that we didn’t have time to get our heads around the article. The work that we obtained through word of mouth, Facebook and email campaigns allowed us to grow over the year and become too busy to attempt to SEO the site ourselves.

We realise that we needed it so decided to hire a local company to take on that task.

How did you make your selection?

We were recommended by a friend who has had success with our agency so it was a straight fwd process in the end.

What does your agency do that works for you?

The consultant that we deal with does the basics but really well as we rank for every term that we want.

These reports explain what they do each month. What do you think?

After looking at the reports there is a basic structure set out that makes it easy to understand. The service includes a blog each month, a set number of social posts / engagement, citation work (local directory listings), link building and content creation every quarter (Infographics, a fun outcome quiz or video).

How has this agency helped your business?

At first we were slightly sceptical as we were told it could take months before seeing any type of return however, after a few months the rankings started to rise with our first, first page ranking obtained after about six months.

This is when we started to notice an increase in traffic to the site and new enquiries.

Can we ask what your budget was to start?

At first it was £150 as the agency was relatively new and wanted to offer a discounted service.
Once we started seeing leads and new business we decided to double up which is close to where we are today.

We do have a budget for PPC / Adwords but we do that ourselves.

After speaking with John it was refreshing to see how quickly his brand has grown. His agency are doing something right – If you type in any ‘Manchester Airport Taxis’ terms you will see that they top the map listings and do actually rank on the first page organically.

Should you be interested in taking your company online, require help or simply wish to seek advice on how we can help you, feel free to drop us a line at

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