How To Take Your Business Online

Running your own business can be the one of the most fun, rewarding and satisfying of challenges a person can do. There is no easy journey to success and it takes a special person with a determined mindset to not only take the leap of faith into self employment but to also stick with it, with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

People who have this mindset are difficult to find however, find one we did! So, when our team found out about the success of a window blind company operating out of a showroom in Oldham, our team had to reach out to the owner Lee Crabtree and check out his story and online business, Range Blinds Ltd.

The first thing our team noticed when speaking with Lee was the passion for his business, local services and national products, something that is incredibly important when selling a product or service. After all, if you do not believe in your products who will? so, without further ado allow us to introduce Range Blinds Ltd.

Who are Range Blinds Ltd?

Image showing Range Blind Branding

Range Blinds Ltd are one of the UK’s most affordable blind companies offering a range of branded and non-branded premium Stylish Window Blinds to both residential and commercial customers.

From stunning Wooden Venetian Blinds to the vibrant selection of stylish vision blinds, Range Blinds Ltd has it all!

So, after speaking with Lee and his team about how he started the company and what is next for Range Blinds Ltd our team are quietly confident that this business will be a force to be reckoned with over the course of 2017!

Where did it begin?

“I started off a small company called ‘Sunshine Blinds In Oldham’ where I would offer a blind fitting service to customers throughout Oldham and Rochdale. I managed to build myself a small website using a free service and take out a small advert with Yell, this allowed me to get a few enquires each month and slowly but surely start building up my brand.”

“After building a presence I decided to hire a local agency to help generate better rankings and bring in more enquiries. At this stage we were quite busy thanks to our social profiles and top rankings in our local area.
Once we saw the results we thought it would be a good idea to invest in an online shop and target the national arena!”

Image of Range Blinds Ltd owner, Lee Crabtree
What advice would you offer your younger self?

“The first thing I would look to do is take advantage of the free or cheap online services that can really help push your brand such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube as it only takes a few minutes to take pictures of your work and upload and its completely free! I used a free website builder and while my site wasn’t great, it did manage to generate a few enquiries that allowed me to invest in new ventures further down the line.

What mistakes did you make / what are things to watch out for?”

“When we instructed our agency to build our E-commerce site we didn’t realise that it would take as long as it did (4 months to make live). Making the site look attractive was the easy part. The difficulty and time consuming aspect was the blind calculator, functionality, the addition of products, the content and of course, the SEO.

If I could go back I would have had the site built with all products added, then once finished pay for the SEO and Social promotion separately but, I can the see the benefit of doing it this way.

The good news is that the site is up, live and starting to rank so it’s only a matter of time before we start bringing in sales!”

What is next for Range Blinds Ltd?

“World domination! The aim going forward is to keep researching the best products on the market, keep evolving the site and keep trying to keep our prices lower than our competitors.

We are also manufacturing our own blinds which will benefit customers even further.”

And finally….

Looking over the products, the website, the marketing and speaking with Lee, we can see why he is beginning to reach the level of success he has worked so hard towards.

The products are, quite frankly, awesome, the prices are very competitive and the showroom is going to be something special once finished!

If you are in the North West and are looking to kit your home out with some beautiful window blinds, check out Range Blinds Ltd.

Image showing the Range Blinds Ltd showroom

Should you wish to meet with Lee and his team to discuss window blinds, wish to visit the showroom in Oldham and view their impressive range or would simply like some friendly advice, call Range Blinds today on 01706 842 909.

Stylish Venetian Blinds By Range Blinds Ltd

Should you have any questions or wish to obtain information on how to go about starting an online business please check out the Wikihow guide to starting an online business.