Simple Marketing Ideas

Simple Marketing Ideas For Small Business Owners

Our team at Frontier Forex wanted to put together some simple ideas that can help you, the new business owner, get your business off the ground and build an online presence so that you can boost your online profile and generate some much needed new business.

Even if you do not have the budget to hire a digital marketing agency or consultant, following these simple steps will help increase your online visibility, generate more traffic to your site and social profiles and most importantly, new business!

As always, our team wanted to find a case study so that we can monitor their activity and see how these steps have played a small part in their growth.

The company in question is Tadcaster based art gallery Post Fine Art.

Post Fine Art Introduction

Post Fine Art have used simple marketing techniques to help grow their online presence.

Post Fine Art are a York based retailer of fine pieces of art. The company own an impressive range of both established artists and new artists where their work can be seen and purchased at the gallery based in Tadcaster.

As one of the UK galleries that sell original LS Lowry paintings for sale, it is imperative that they build an online profile that can build relationships with budding art collectors throughout the country.

Post Fine Art now employ a digital marketing agency to help their brand that include some of the below examples within their strategy only at a much more intense level.

Free Marketing Tips For New Businesses

Starting to build an online presence can often be a tricky and daunting process leaving you to ask the question, where do we even begin??

Fortunately the below tips will help you get a website, build a small presence to start with and hit the ground running!

Get a website – Free or paid.

Getting a new website is a lot easier in this day and age. It’s 2018 and websites range from free up to thousands!

So, if you have little to no budget then you may want to look into free website builders that allow you to create your own website for next to no cost. A good example of this is Wix.

Wix is an ideal solution for those with no knowledge of websites or budget. This is a simple process that allows you to choose a prebuilt theme and simply add your own content.
The drag and drop features allow images, text and branding to be easily added making the whole process a swift, hassle-free affair resulting in a clean and attractive looking website.

The benefits of using the Wix service is that you can get a website built and made live within hours which can then be broadcast to the world using social media and if you have the budget, search engine optimisation.

Another option is to pay a developer or agency to build something a little more bespoke.

A bespoke website is always a better option if you can afford to hire a professional. It will also separate you from other business owners that have chosen the same Wix theme, allowing your business and brand to stand out in a crowd.

Another plus is that most web designers have a good insight into search engine optimisation, a service that can have your website ranking for search terms that relate to services / products residing within your portfolio.

This will save time and money in the longterm as well as increasing your chances of generating business using the search engines.

The benefits of a bespoke website built by an agency far outweigh the free options although you can always hire a professional once your business has started to earn more £££. Either way, the business has begun to take it’s first steps.

Be Active on Social Media!

Everyman/woman and their dog have a social media profile which is why it is vital that your business does too!

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram and more are all FREE! All it costs is a few minutes of your time to set your business page up.

Being active on social profiles will help generate traffic to your site, enquiries and new business.

A good way to build a social following is to start by asking all of your own friends to like and share your business page. Once you have between 50 and 100 followers / likes your content will have the opportunity to find the right audience.

For example, one recent post by Post Fine Art generated a reach of over 1600 people – ie;

This post is for an artist called Chub Perkins, a local Tadcaster based artist who has work housed in the Post Fine Art gallery.

This social media post engaged with over 1000 people

As you can see, a simple image with text has reached over 1600 people and generated 195 visits to the website. A simple post with basic information or link to your website will go a long way towards building a successful brand.

There are also free online tools that can help you create professional looking pictures and posts if you do not have any creative flair which are mentioned below.

When thinking of content to publish you want aim to create a fun and likeable profile. Avoid common mistakes that just sell sell sell.

Websites like Days of the year will allow you to keep up to date with world events and create cute posts such as;

Batman day was used as a fun social post for Post Fine Art

Free Online Tools

When it comes to creating social media posts you would be forgiven for thinking that you need time and a creative mind. It’s 2018 and we now have access to online tools that do this for us such as Canva.

Canva is a free online tool perfect for helping people create professional looking social posts.

Canva allows you to edit post templates for each social profile. You can add text, images and more to each post making your life a little easier. Check Canva out today as there is a free and paid version.

Check Out Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a free tool that allows users to schedule and publish content to their social profiles

Finally, for our last helpful tip, Hootsuite is a great way to help you schedule all of your social posts.

Hootsuite is a free online tool that allows you to upload all of your social posts and schedule for automatic publishing on a variety of social profiles.

This allows you to create posts in one day and not have to worry about creating more posts or publishing them until the following month.

This is particularly helpful for business owners that have limited time. It is also similar to what Post Fine Art use.

And there we have it. We hope that you find this information useful and should you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line using out contact form.