Starting a Business From Home

If, like most people, you daydream about becoming someone successful, getting more out of life or just want to take a walk on the wild side and experience more than the monotonous 9 – 5 job, our team at Frontierforex may be able to help!

We recently spoke to a self-employed go getter who, after reading a similar article on Starting a Business From Home, took the exciting steps towards doing just that.

Given that our team have experience in a range of entrepreneurial pursuits such as affiliate marketing, network marketing companies and lead generation sites we thought that we would pick the brain of Ecoscape UK owner Gary Farrel to see what steps can be taken towards becoming your own boss and earning a solid income to be proud of.

Who are Ecoscape UK?

Ecoscape UK are a specialist composite decking and cladding supplier that sell to both domestic and commercial customers all over the UK. Their range of Composite Decking, Composite Cladding and Balustrading can be seen in some impressive projects throughout the UK and Europe.

Please feel free to check their website out for more info:

After speaking with Gary for a few hours about how the company started and future plans, it soon became apparent that Ecoscape Uk are going to be huge, so much so that the team at Frontierforex would be quite happy to invest in Gary and his business.

With that in mind we have taken the information that Gary talked about and compiled the below steps that allowed his company to grow from a sole trader to a limited company with over 30 employees.

Starting a Business From Home – A success story.

Image of Gary Farrel, owner of Ecoscape UK

Gary Farrel (Far right) being presented with a Marshalls Register award.

5 Important Steps on Starting a Business From Home

Step One;

Research, research and more research! Gary says;

Having a good insight into your market, competitors, products and prices will really help create a product or service that stands out from other competitors. Being unique and able to stand out in a crowded market will guarantee that you get noticed. Just make sure your product or service is on point once people start paying attention. Our range of Composite Decking is totally unique and we feel it is one of the most durable on the market today.

After seeing how passionate Gary is about the product as well as reading the sites reviews, we can see how so much has been achieved in so little time.

Step Two;

Passion and drive. These are 2 traits that our team at Frontierforex completely agree with.

Gary says;

Once you have a product or service ready to unleash you have to be able to get yourself out there! Given that there may be no budget for websites and marketing strategies it is important that you get yourself noticed by other means. The first step I took was to contact and set up as many meetings as I could with local independent building merchants, garden centres and local tradesmen.

I knew that if they saw the product then I would stand a good chance of a sale or building up a relationship however, given that I was the new guy on the block it was quite difficult. I knew that if I kept trying I would get my chance, which after a few weeks one came along which allowed me to get my first sale.

Step Three;

Invest your money wisely! Gary says;

After making my first sale to a local landscape gardener I managed to get a little exposure through Facebook and other social channels as these are free to set up and require little maintenance.

The social galleries I created coupled with a few repeat sales allowed me to save enough money to put back into the company, have a website built and have a small run of flyers created in my local area.

Surely enough, after a few weeks of the website going live and my flyers being delivered I managed to get a few more sales that allowed me to start looking at other avenues to focus on such as other ways in which to market myself.

Given that the team at Frontierforex have experience in a variety of marketing services we could see how exciting the Ecoscape UK journey was going to become.

Step Four;

Persistance pays off. Gary says;

When I made my first few sales I was tempted to take my foot off the gas and rely on customers to help promote me. I am glad I didn’t as my continued persistence of cold calling and door knocking was about to pay off.

I managed to get my composite decking in a local chain of merchants after bombarding their staff with calls every few days. Surely enough I was invited to one of the stores (probably just to shut me up) and allowed to show off my decking and samples.

After 15 minutes I was told I could have a sample board put up to showcase my stock with brochures and leaflets in 8 of their stores. It cost me a pretty penny to have the literature designed but it was worth it!

Within 2 months I had made enough to invest in a small truck for local installations.

Image of the first Van Ecoscape UK purchased

Step Five;

Choose the right staff! Gary says;

The first year is always going to be the most difficult. I set out with the mindset that if I can survive the first year I can make this a great business.

I feel I was lucky to get myself into a position where I managed to save enough money to make a few wise investments, one of which was a staff member. I feel that if you can find somebody that is loyal, trustworthy, experienced and ambitious then the business will grow like wild fire.

I managed to take on a salesman that has all the qualities that I was looking for and ambitious enough to see how big we as a company could grow, something that will excite any motivated salesperson.

Between us we have managed to grow the company to house a fleet of vans, have over 30 staff and have a brand to be proud of that is continuing to evolve each month.

We would like to thank Gary for his time and knowledge and we hope that this article helps anybody looking for advice on Starting a Business From Home.

If you are prepared to follow the five steps above, we are sure that you will succeed. Learn from your mistakes, believe in yourself and do not give up! You never know how close you are to succeeding.

Our team at Frontierforex will share another helpful article soon. Please check back for more updates.

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